Elevate Your Trading Experience

7 easter eggs you missed while using Coinhall and how to hunt for them

🥚1 Finding new tokens and pools

You can check out all the new pools added on the blockchain (for DEXes that Coinhall integrates).

Under Markets, navigate to Settings and add New Listings under the Table Columns. This will allow you to sort the table by the recency of the pools. Remember to toggle off the "Show Verified Pools" setting for max degen mode (NFA!)

If you're looking to receive Telegram alerts for these new pools, check out this section.

🥚2 Watchlist

You can curate your watchlist by starring the tokens and pools you care about.

You can access the watchlist within the Markets tab and the individual pair page. Hunt for the arrow on your left. It shows up on mobile too!

🥚3 Recurring Price Alerts

Can't stare at the charts 24/7 but want to be alerted at a specific price to buy/sell? You can set recurring price alerts that will notify you via Telegram. Use this guide to set up those alerts and make sure the Recurring toggle is flipped on.

🥚4 Adding coinhallbot to Telegram groups

Did you know that you can invite the @coinhallbot to your Telegram groups? Everyone can /p to check the prices together. For more features of the bot, turn your attention here.

🥚5 Cross-chain swap directly on Coinhall

You can now do cross-chain IBC swaps directly on coinhall.org/swap. Fear not if you need to bridge tokens within any IBC chains.

🥚6 Mobile app-like experience

There's no mobile app for Coinhall but you can mimic the experience by adding the webapp to your home screen. Within your home screen, you can now access the site in a single click instead of typing a URL.

🥚7 Autoscale chart data

If you are charting volatile pools, hover over the bottom right corner of the chart and click 'A' to auto-fit the data to your screen!

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