Complete missions and earn rewards

Coinhall supports the participation and claiming of Genie campaign rewards. You can browse the campaigns that are live on coinhall.org/rewards, participate in the campaigns that you are eligible for, and claim your rewards. All campaigns are powered by Genie.

Campaign Components

  • Rewards Contract: Every campaign has its corresponding smart contract to distribute the rewards. This helps you to check if this campaign is legitimate

  • Eligibility and Missions:

    • You can only participate in the campaign if you fulfil all the eligibility conditions. The eligibility conditions are based on past actions performed using your wallet. If you perform the actions after the snapshot period, it will not change your eligibility

    • Every campaign will have mission(s) to complete before rewards can be claimed

  • Rewards left: States how much of the rewards pool is remaining. It is possible that the rewards run out before the campaign ends as the campaign operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. Do complete your missions early!

  • Participation period: The time for you to complete the mission. It can be a period set in the past (retroactive) or in the future.

  • Claim period: The time for you to claim the rewards after completing the missions.

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