Introducing Hallswap

Hallswap Aggregation Protocol gathers liquidity from decentralised exchanges (DEXes) and executes the most efficient route for a swap between any 2 tokens, including non-direct pairs. Hallswap also automatically:

  • Lists any pairs as long as it’s created on the DEXes that are supported. Users can be assured that they can trade new tokens as soon as they launch on the blockchain

  • Picks up any pool for any of the DEXes we aggregate. Hence, Hallswap always has the liquidity for any pair that is listed as soon as it is available

Trade with Hallswap

  1. Connect your wallet by clicking the button Connect Wallet at the top right-hand corner of the page

  2. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to select the wallet of your choice. Make sure that you have the web extension or mobile app of the wallet

  3. Choose the pair you would like to swap from.

    1. Search bar - search the token of your liking

    2. Markets - select the pair you wish to swap

      • Right beside the price chart, you can swap immediately using Hallswap (no need to open another tab/website to trade). Enter the amount of tokens you want to spend. Hallswap will find the best-priced routes for you.

Before you hit that Swap button β€” Hallswap provides important price information for you before you make that swap.

Slippage: It determines the minimum number of tokens you will receive. A slippage of 0.5% means if the price slips > 1% of your quote, the transaction will fail. This is because, between the time you get a quote and the time you execute the trade, the price may change. If the price falls below your slippage rate, then the transaction will fail to prevent you from getting fewer tokens than you want.

Price Impact: The size of your trade can also affect the rate that you get. Price impact measures how much the size of your trade is affecting your price. It is correlated with the amount of liquidity in the pool. Price impact is usually high in an illiquid pool or small pool. If there is not enough liquidity to fulfil a big order, a user may lose a significant portion of their funds.

Min Required: This is the minimum amount of tokens you are guaranteed to receive and is based on your slippage settings but also has to factor in all the fees.

Tx Fee: This is the fee you will pay for the transaction regardless if the transaction is successful or not.

  1. After clicking the Swap button, the wallet you have connected to Coinhall will ask you to key in your password. You can look through the swap details under β€˜Execute Contract’. After you click Post, your swap will be executed.

  2. A notification will appear in the middle of the Coinhall screen once the transaction is successful. You can click the transaction hash to view the details. Hooray, you have successfully swapped with Hallswap πŸ₯³

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