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Our pair that we support on coinhall.org will have their individual charts page. These price charts also come with complete TradingView Integration, where you can leverage their indicator libraries and charting tools over separate timeframes i.e. 1h/7d/1 month.

As a numbers person, you can view these for every pair:

✔️ Circulating Market Cap: Circulating Supply x Price

✔️ Fully Diluted Valuation: Total Supply x Price

✔️ Total Liquidity: Total amount of token deposits

✔️ Volume (24h): Trading volume in the last 24h

✔️ Pool’s Annual Percentage Rates: Estimated rate of yearly pool fees in the last 7d and only accounts for trading fees

To find out more about the project behind the token, we have a Project Links section:

Qn. Wait, what does that verified blue checkmark mean? Ans. Verified token pool means that at least one of the following criteria has been met:

  • LP sustained an average of ≥$200K USD for 30 days when paired with an L1 coin or stablecoin

  • LP containing at least 75% of the initial total supply burned + token contract ownership renounced + current liquidity is ≥$20K USD

  • Project has received external funding from verifiable investors, reported by a credible media source

  • Token is listed on a reputable centralised exchange (CEX)

This is definitely not an endorsement by Coinhall and is not a guarantee that the project will not scam or rug pull. Please do your own research before trading. If you are a project owner and looking to get your token verified, please refer to Token Onboarding.

Price across DEXes

Pools will reflect the price of the latest on-chain swap on that corresponding DEX. Hence, prices across different DEXes may differ slightly.

Transaction Table

You can also view the latest Buy/Sell orders for any pair. It shows the date and time of the order, the price and USD volume, the quantity denominated in quote asset, the wallet that does the transaction, and the transaction hash.

You can now filter and track wallets' transactions by clicking the wallet address. All buys and sells of within the pool by the address will be shown. This same buys-sells will appear on the chart so do scroll up to see them.

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